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Cookbook organizing

June 25, 2009

I don’t really cook so why I would collect recipes is a bit of a mystery even to myself. Though, I do.

At a closer look I realize that what I have torn out over the years are either things that you can cook in less than 10 minutes or something extraordinarily complicated like Martha Stewart’s marvelous Garden cake. I’ll scan a picture of a tear-out so you can see just how incredible – and by all measurements – time consuming this cake is to make. 

One day though…Martha…I’ll take four days off from work and make this.
But since Mario does just about all the cooking in our house I figure I save the recipes for him…though it is doubtful the garden cake will ever…well never mind.

I went through the entire pile of tear outs and I am happy to report I threw out at least half.

The rest was sorted in mainly three piles:
1. Very easy to make and healthy to eat – almost all of these were salads, 
2. Very easy to make and very easy to drink – most of these were various kinds of punches, summer drinks and about 25 variations on how to make Swedish glögg – which is kind of like mulled wine we drink this for Christmas,
3. Extremely complicated to make and highly unlikely I’ll ever get to. This is where you find Martha’s garden cake as well as instructions on how to make a rose out of a watermelon or a gingerbread house that you’d had to be the king of gingerbread men to live in.

Anything that was smaller than half a page was glued to a full sheet together with other smaller cut outs.
After this everything was put into plastic sheets and neatly put in a nice new binder. Da-da! Now even I feel enticed to cook! (if you want to do this the professional way you can actually publish your own cookbook with the help of this site

Check out Martha’s garden cake:

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