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What do you collect?

June 26, 2009
I am always curious about what other people might collect. Do you collect something?
My place is the size of an oversized closet so I have had to cut down on my collection habits but I still stick to some of them.

One thing I have learned about collections is that they have the greatest impact when all parts are shown together. I used to have my masks that I collect spread throughout the apartment to kind of give each its’ special place in the lime-light. But actually they work a lot better together.
I like to pair things up that way – either by theme, color or style.

These are mini-baskets hand made in Ecuador. They cost something like a dime each so every time I have gone I have picked up a few… They are really too small to hold anything but say – a dime – but I love their colors and patterns.

These are mini models of the buses they use for transportation throughout South America. They are called “chiva”, which actually means goat. My favorite is the one on the right with the guy hanging out of the hood.

…and then I collect boxes from wherever I travel.

As I mentioned I also collect masks. The Shanghai opera guy with the mustache does not really fit in with the rest of the gang but where else would I put him? They have to just get along.

I also collect blue glass but not as dedicatedly anymore – and I have gotten pretty loose with my standards here as well, which is why there is a cobalt teapot on prime real estate.

These seltzer bottles I actually stopped collecting years ago before even really starting. I still very much like these five guys and I am certain if I came across an affordable one it is unlikely I would not pick it up.

And then I collect these woven strips…not sure how to describe them but they are usually part of outfits. Here is a mixture of Kentecloth from Ghana, a bunch of pieces from Ecuador that women use to tie around their waists, some similar ones from Peru and Bolivia, and also a few from India. Of course I cannot figure out what to do with them so most of the time they sit in my drawer. Any fun suggestions?
…and I admit this one is silly but yes, I collect old clocks that have stopped – still they are correct twice a day 🙂

Apparently I also collect these birdcage-y kind of things. I have many more in Sweden. Not sure How I started with these – not to mention why?

Since I obviously take up must of the space in our place with my oh all so important collections it leave little opportunity for Mario or Aycha to collect anything. I used to collect pens that she essentially would steal from me and hide in the most obnoxious places. Mario on the other hand has this little humble collection of ethnic drums that…hrm… I have picked up for him. He is more of an involuntary collector. Any other collectors out there? Let us know!


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