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What you can do with knobs and handles

June 27, 2009

So here is a secret I should not share with anyone living in New York City but hopefully there are enough knobs and handles for all of us to get around.

I rarely leave my house without my multi-tool that has a variety of screwdrivers and other little nifty things in it. It is not very different from a victorinox knife and someone gave it to me once when I held a party (a very fitting hostess gift).

The reason for constantly carrying a multi-screw driver in my purse is that you never know when you’ll find an old dresser that you don’t need but with handles that you could certainly use. Sometimes you can get them lose with a penny or a key – but for those times when you cannot the multi-tool just rocks.

So below is a fraction of my handle collection – all of which came from furniture in the street.

These below, I admit are not from the street. Every now and then I find pretty knobs in stores or at yard sales so I pick them up for future projects. When I took these out the other day I remembered the little white ones in the front. I got them in a second hand store for a dime each and surely they will one day make their way to a fixer-upper dresser or cabinet.
These I bought in a store and I think they are doing a good job of making my boring kitchen cabinets look a little bit more exotic. Small little touches like that can work wonders. Almost like jewelry for the house.

Of course, and added bonus to my multi-tool is that it brings me a lot of laughter every time I am in Manhattan and have to go in to a high security building and have my semi-dainty purse x-rayed…wedged between the chocolate bar and my lipstick is my best friend…the multi-tool!

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