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Pashmina-ed stool – how to upholster using a pashmina shawl

June 29, 2009
This is what it looked like after with the pashmina on.

I found this stool in my street and was happy to discover that the top comes off – leaving me with a perfect place to store blankets.

Finally I have realized the importance of before and after and here actually remembered to pull out my camera before I went at the stool so you can actually see what it went through.

Aycha can always be trusted to lend a helping hand and ensures that everything smells the way it is supposed to…

I did not find any fabrics I liked in my own storage or at the garment district so instead I bought a pashmina shawl in the street for $5. Here in NYC they sell them on almost every other corner. It is actually just about the right amount of fabric for the stool.

Essentially I just tore everything off, which were fabric, foam (that’s what makes it a little puffy at the bottom) and decorative nails. Then I cut up my pashmina in the same size as the fabric I had pulled off, stapled-gunned it (is that a real verb?), hammered the nails back in. The feet got a quick layer of walnut stain and that was it! What do you think?

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