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The different shades of algae

July 7, 2009

I spent the weekend on Cape Cod and at Martha’s Vineyard. It is really a lovely place once you get away from all the tourists – such as myself.

I took some photos for a frame project I am working on (will upload once I get it together) and just to show how easy it is to do a little theme I thought I post them here.

I always think that walls of frames work best if there is a theme either of the frames – their style, age etc. or of what is inside the frames – whether it is the subject, the colors or texture. In this case it seems the theme will be algae…or slimy green things.

These pictures are taken with a point and shoot (or a “look and press” as I used to call it when I was learning English – not that I am not still doing that) and I like the way the algae moves in the water.
My next step is to go to Costco and have them blown up to a good size – just for fun – and then frame them together. They would look awesome against a Chinese red wall. 

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