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Goldleafing galore

July 10, 2009

I really like to play around with gold leaf because the effect is so much better than just painting with gold paint.

This mirror was a find down the street. It weighs a ton and I have to admit that the first night it hung on the wall – it fell down somewhere around 3.30 am and scared the living #$%* out of me. 

Anyway, it is a new mass produced mirror that was stained a mediocre medium wood color so I thought I’d give it a second chance in life as something a little more grandiose.

So after deciding to bring it back (or forth?) to a guilded age I brought out my goldleaf, which you can purchase in most craft store. A warning should be in place before you get involved with gold leaf. They are VERY thin and tend to fall apart by you just looking at them. 

Gold leaf comes in little squares – yet it is not a bad idea to cut those squares in half as it can be hard to handle an entire square without having it breaking or crumbling. Also, the gold leaf tends to “shed” flakes of goldcrumbles all over the place so be prepared to breathe gold afterwards or to mop well.

Little by little I then “paint” the wood with a thin layer of glue and then press the gold leaf against it.

I like a more antique look so I usually paint on top of the gold leaf with red and brown paint I have diluted in water. It is probably a lot more water than paint.

The last part is just adding the lacquer and voila!

(This is what I did with the bathroom cabinet after stripping it of about 4 layers of paint from the 30’s to the 70’s.)

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