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What do you do with 23893487 frames?

July 10, 2009
This is embarrassing to admit but I have some sort of obsession for frames. It appears I have more frames than probably one person would need in a life time.

I just cannot resist a cute or “vintagy” looking frame. Never mind that about 95% of them are sitting in a box in my closet as there is no space for them on the walls.

Yet I figured since I insist on keeping all these frames I will have to make some accommodation for them. I pictured a nice rectangle of various frames coordinated on the wall.

After some careful consideration I managed to find a little corner that could be the guinea-pig for this project. Here is my wall of choice. These have to move somewhere else.

I dug out all of my frames (should I admit that I have about 3 times more of these style and size frames in boxes in Sweden…) and decided how many I could use and, which ones are my favorites.
I then printed nice sayings I like and mixed them up with the pictures I like.

I think it is nicer when it matches in some way. So, for example if the frames all looked the same I would have been okay with color pictures and black and white pictures mixed – but since this is a humble-jumble (what kind of word is that?) of all kinds of frames I thought it would look a little bit more “calm” if the pictures where all the same color – meaning black and white.

Matting paper is too expensive for me so I get good quality white paper and cut it to size to ensure everything is framed somewhat decently.
Before hammering it all up on the wall I laid it out on the floor on craft paper. Aycha also gave her opinion…
I finally settle on this lay-out…
…the I taped the paper to the wall and simply hung the picture according to their outlines that I had drawn on the paper…

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