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Faking it

July 12, 2009
I found this dresser (looking a little different when I did – why do I always forget to take those “before” photos) as I was rushing off to work… luckily Mario could pick it up before someone else did as I called him as soon as I could and begged him to schlep it four floors by himself.
So this is what I did.
I first stripped it off an awful gray color that it was covered in and uncovered a light pink wood underneath. I was not too big on the pink tone so I stained it in white instead. Keep in mind if you decide to stain something, the wood needs to be untreated in order for the stain to get soaked up into the wood. So here I removed all the paint by stripping it before I then applied the stain.

This dresser had one issue – or possibly two. The bottom drawers were missing and instead there were two holes. I was not about to build two new drawers. What to do?

Off to my local wood supplier to look for thin wood in a similar color to the wood of the dresser that I could then stain the same white.

The wood I got was thin but the color was a lot more yellow than pinkish so I stained it as close as I could by essentially playing around with different stains I already had.

I then sawed the wood into two rectangular shapes exactly the same shape as the front of the other drawers.

Then the other little issue was the fact that I now was missing the handles for the drawers and it would look funny with something different or even without.

So I simply sketched a new handle onto each rectangle before I glued them to the bottom of the dresser.
The real thing
And the fake thing

The good thing is that I can still use the space where the drawers would have been, from the inside and it still looks okay from the outside. Nothing like a good stencil to fool the eye.

The finished dresser with the two fake bottom drawers

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