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Innocent chandelier goes sexy

August 1, 2009

So I have been gone for a few days and I have no excuse more than I have been playing with the goodies I got at the Pearl Theater Company’s moving sale. If you missed the post the summary is essentially that I went to this fab sale at an old theater company that was moving from the East village here in NYC to Arizona and got a load of goodies – including this glass chandelier. 

So yes – I got this chandelier, which I was very happy to discover still had most of the wiring intact. All it needed was an outlet plug and a cord to connect it to its old wires.

Mario calls me the Electrician of the House, which may be pushing it but I can do some basic wiring. So a few cans of spray paint later and about 8 meters of wire here is the end result.

This is how it looked originally – a little sad in my opinion… and I think it had been hung using an old shoe-lace. I could improve upon that for sure.

I cut of the cord because I did not like that it was black as my ceiling is white. Also the top part, which was a Chinese take-out container had to go…

Then I filled in all electricity related holes with newspaper on the chandelier and then I primed it – still not being entirely sure if it is possible to spray paint glass. As most things in this home everything is done on a trial and error basis. I kind of liked it white as it looked a little like milk glass. But I still had my mind set on black and moved on…

This is what it looked like after one coat of black spray paint…
…and a second coat and a few hours later left it looking like something that might have hung in some questionable establishment in France
in the 1920’s… I like!

I tried to take pictures of how the wiring was done. It is really super easy. I cut of the old cord and connected a new one by simply twisting the new cords together with the old ones.
This is the old cord (after I spraypainted it white) and the new cord.

After I had twisted one old wire with one new I taped it over
 with electrical tape.

I then did the same with the other one and finally covered the place where the four wires had been now made into two with electrical tape.

The final result it the picture on top – the chandelier hanging in my living room demanding quite some presence.


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