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Staining an flea-market tray

August 1, 2009
I got a tray a few weeks ago at Theater moving sale. It set me back an entire 50 cents. It had some mildew and water stains so I decided on staining it dark walnut instead. Anyone who has been following this blog should probably not be too surprised about that decision.

I always have the same problems when I stain:
1. I always end up getting half of the stain on me and it is a real pain to get it off. It has oil and glue in it or something that makes you all sticky.

2. It never dries – except whatever is on me, which seems to dry super fast – making it harder to get it off.

So after washing it with soap and water I coated the tray several times in walnut stain and then I gave it a week to dry! You’d think a week ought to do it. But no.
However, I always have the final say between me and the stain as I get lacquer and since the lacquer usually dries in an hour or so, it forces the stain to dry as well.

So today this tray, which was still sticky to the touch was covered in a light spray coat and voila – an hour later it was dry. I like that

For 50 cents I have no complaints. Final result on top.

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