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Old frames become new and fancy

August 3, 2009

A few blocks over I came across these old wood frames on my evening walk. Too cute to pass so I brought them home. If you have read my blog on frames you know that if there is one thing I need – it is another frame. Right.

I rarely care if the frame has a glass or not. I suppose that is a nice touch and sometimes one can get lucky and find a sheet of glass in the street that actually fits. By very often I don’t bother – hey it frames anyway, right.

So these frames had no glass but still lots of potential. I debated spray-painting them black for a more modern touch but then decided to just cover them lightly in antique gold paint (obviously the paint is not antique – just the name).

I like that part of the wood decor is elevated – sort of “reliefish” (probably not a word) so I wanted that to contrast with the bottom part of it. Easy. You just paint ever so lightly on the top with big sweeping movements. If you try to do a good job by painting all of it you will lose the contrast.

This is the “after” the antique gold painting.

Laid out to dry after my five minutes paint job

And then I had one of my shots blown up and framed it. What do you think? Not to shabby – eh 🙂


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