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Shopping the streets of my neighborhood at a price no one can beat

August 4, 2009

Mario and I were walking around the neighborhood when I came across this little book shelf and a full size mirror sitting next to some garbage bags on the sidewalk. I love to shop our streets. Prices are unbeatable. The company was a complainer and Mario says the next time he will go on a walk alone as he had to carry it back home.
The shelf will be perfect in the bedroom to hold small books or folders and I only had to decide if I wanted it dark brown – read walnut – or white.
What I really wanted was to stain it and I did try that for about 3 minutes already knowing more or less what the result would be.
In order to stain the wood cannot be treated and this one was already lacquered. So the stain could never get into the wood. But that gave me the opportunity to spray-paint instead, which I gladly do.
I went for kona-brown, which is as close to walnut as I could get and I already had a can of that since before. Actually, it is more like mahogany in color.
Let’s see how it will work in the bedroom. If it does not I will just spray paint it white instead.
So here it is in kona brown, which I ran out of. I went over to the Home Depot just to find out that they no longer carry that. Hm – but my shelf is only half done.

I just wanted something kind of discreet as the books tend to take up so much visual space so this ended up working out pretty well…

And here is the mirror as well. Since it was a full length I decided to put it on the back of the bedroom door.
If you wonder why it is not in the center look at the bottom right hand corner.

There is a small golden rooster I had stenciled there as a test and Mario liked it so much he would not have it covered with the new mirror, which by the way really was an old door with a mirror but the tiny knob was so cute it became a hanger.
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