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Smoked 3 in the morning

August 4, 2009
Last night I was awoken by a piercing sound around 3.30am. In my sleepiness I just assumed that it was my ipod that had broken down. Not so.

It was the fire alarm.

Oh no – the batteries go bad and the thing takes off. Why does this have to happen at 3.30?

Mario got out the big ladder and managed too quiet the thing down. He had only just put the ladder back when it set off again. Out with the ladder, climb the #$%& ladder back up again, and that’s when we realized that something actually smelled burnt.

Well, surely it was not in the apartment so we stuck our heads out every single window and then went out in the hallway outside of the apartment – what if the entire building below us was on fire?

No fire engines in the street, though. From several gasps of fresh air back inside we finally realized that it was actually smelling from our apartment.

And getting worse.

But where was it coming from?

We walked around like drug sniffing police dogs and smelled everywhere, opened doors, oven latches, the closet, the computer – anything. Nope. I tried to encourage Aycha to take part in the sniffing activities as cats sure smell better than humans but she seemed more focused on her nap and only gave me half an eye of attention.

Then suddenly Mario realized that smoke was coming from the orange tree pot.


I have raised my orange tree since it was a little seed and it is now well over a meter and the leaves smell wonderful. It sits in a pot on top of a small little wood table and let me tell you that pot weighs….a million pounds and somehow this whole thing on the inside was on fire????

So the orange tree was smoking up??? As we looked closer we realized that the entire soil was full of glows and embers and the pot felt like it was ready to explode.

Mario looked confused…and that was right around there that it occurred to me that the night before I had lit a new kind of incense.

It kind of comes on a thick little rope and I thought a flower pot with some moist soil would be a safe place to lit it. So I did. And then I forgot about it. And went to bed.

Well, apparently the incense managed to set the orange tree roots’ on fire – and if it wasn’t for that extraordinary annoying fire alarm, – probably the entire apartment!!!

The pot and the tree were taken to the tub where they were given an extensive shower, which helped to layer the whole apartment in a smoke screen with a lot of protest from the choked embers.

After about 45 minutes of this ordeal the apartment smelled like a girl scout camp-fire and we went to bed with every single window open.

Today I have worried considerably about my orange tree wondering if it will make a come-back somewhat disabled temporarily with no roots. 

I went to the Home Depot and got the best soil possible and have since promised my tree not to lit any more incenses – or anything else for that matter – in its pot – if it will only come-back.

We’ll find out. I’ll let you know. 

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