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Make some good usage of your fire escape

August 6, 2009
A few weeks back I got this little bird-feeder and two days ago I finally remembered to buy bird-seeds. I do this – not so much because I want to be nice to the birds – though I admit it is nice knowing I am also nice to the birds – but I do it mainly for little Miss Aycha who is absolutely ecstatic over birds coming to our fire escape garden.
To her this is like the equivalent of watching “Sex in the City”. It is also a great opportunity to get some nice shots of the little birds. Anyone knows the name of these guys?

There are such little small things you can do with your fire escape – if you are lucky enough to have one – to make it a little pretty. I bought some chimes on e-bay from Nantucket and hung out there. I have to admit I have done this a few times but every winter the wind seems to steal them so I end up buying new ones. Of course you can put little plants out there in pots you paint with your own design. As they are outside expect them to get beaten up by the elements – and the pigeons.

At night when it gets a little cooler I like to sit out there and watch the sun set over Manhattan and sip a glass of wine.

What do you do with your fire-escape – or if you are fortunate enough to have a balcony?

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