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Stenciling my doormat

August 11, 2009

After I had glued a spray painted a wood moose to my front door I have felt inspired to do some more fun things with the moose. I got the little moose in some craft store that was going out of business not really sure what to do with it so that’s how it finally ended up on the door.

Today I passed by $1.99 front door mats and figured I could probably use a new one. Said and done – I got myself a new front door mat. But surely this was more of an excuse to get to play with the moose motive as I intended to get it on to the mat.

Anyone slightly more foresightful would have made an outline on a piece of paper of the moose before gluing it to the door…but anyway
Thus I had to outline it with a pencil. So, I taped a piece of paper over the moose on my door and then lightly drew with the pencil over the moose until I had it again and then made a stencil out of it.
Perhaps white is not the most brilliant choice of color when it comes to a mat to wipe your feet on… but I really like white so white it is. I can deal with washing it later.

Then I simple added my stencil to the bottom corner just filling it in with regular paint. And voila – my door mat has now been “moosed” as well. What do you think? Now I am pondering all the other “fabric” places I could paint – like pillows, curtains and towels. Let’s see what I can come up with.
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