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How to recycle lipstick and make lip-gloss

August 15, 2009
I think I may have mentioned this before but the weather is so beautiful it is hard not to spend the whole day with some great books or magazines.
So today I did just that. Tara Frey also just released her new book “Blogging for Bliss” a few days ago so I went to get it today and enjoyed it quite a bit in the park.
It really helps to spell out all the things to consider while starting a blog – plus it has a great listing of various type of blogs for all kinds of creative types for all of those who also feel like diving into this. I am having a blast with it!
Anyway, back at home I realize that I was just about out of lipstick. And just so you know I realize – this is not entirely related to craft – home-improvement – interior design but since it is pretty much all I accomplished today I figured I may as well share with you guys. So my solution to lacking lipstick is to dig everything out of my old lipstick holders and put it in a small glass jar. I usually save those little jars that samples come in.
I then add a little bit of vaseline and about the same amount of beeswax – together with the lipstick left-overs. Beeswax you can buy in mots health food stores.
The entire concoction goes in the microwave oven for about 30-50 seconds. And out comes new lipstick – or if you add extra vaseline – new colored lipgloss.

Ya -perhaps not the most interior design related blog entry but hey – it saves on lip-stick, right?  

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