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Scenting my home with the real thing

August 19, 2009
Living with a cat in a small space can be at times….ehum…how do we put this…a bit of less than sweet-scented experience – especially when there appears to be some coordination challenges on the part of the cat in terms of getting things in the right location.

I had decided – a while back that this stink’ingness had to come to an end. So I tried incense. Well, that did not work out .

Then I tried the plug ins they sell at Bath and Body Works that you are supposed to put in an outlet so they will fragrance your home with dewy melons and lilies of the valley. Those were the most intensely artificial smelling lilies of the valleys I ever smelled so that did not work out very well either. Aycha was looking slightly stoned just passing too close to them. Out they went.

Then I bought some fragrance gel at the pharmacy that was supposed to make my bathroom smell like a spa.

Well. It doesn’t.

I am not sure what a spa smells like but I am pretty sure this ain’t it.

From there on I have tried sprays, burning essential oils, burning candles as well as putting sticks that come in a little bottle with fragrance. Nothing lasts more than at the most a few hours and a lot of it makes me want to sneeze.

Therefore, I have now come to the conclusion that I am going to go with the real thing (minus an orange tree that smelled lovely up until a point – click “that did not work out” above).

I have decided to take about $35 and invest in some real smells. This is what I am getting – shipped all the way from Florida.

Brunfelsia grandiflora

Brunfelsia grandiflora, Yesterday -Today -Tomorrow, Kiss-me-quick, Royal Purple Brunfelsia

How cute is this? It apparently changes colors over three days….
Gardenia Belmont – grafted
Jasminum sambac Grand Duke

I actually already have one of these and it smells wonderful.

So that’s it. I got the pictures from To Tropicals from where I am also ordering the plants.

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