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Getting a new desk

August 21, 2009
My apartment is this on-going project that never ends. As soon as I think I am done I realize that something has been outdated, looks boring and needs to change. Can anyone relate?

I think if it were ever finished I would have to move.

So now I am on the look-out for a new desk. We got this IKEA desk way back. It was more of a desperate buy than anything else as we had nowhere to put the computer that we had acquired just a few weeks before.

I then went ahead and modified it by:
  • Adding a door on the front and then adding that paisley design on the door.

  • Adding a shelf on the bottom of it to have somewhere to put the printer. This shelf is set on rails so that I can roll out the printer to use it.

  • Adding a shelf – also on rails – behind the door so I would have a place for pens and other things.

  • Adding a much larger piece of wood in the back to stabilize it and also hiding all the cables and cords from all the tech things.

So now what I am thinking is something like this instead… I like that worn out wood
Or this. I very much like the red.
This is very cute – though not sure who wonderful it would look with my computer on the top.
This I adore but it is maybe more of a make-up place. I would love to buy some Chinese wall paper and add it like this to a desk.

A more modern look here. Perhaps I like the chairs the most.
This is super cute but if I put a computer on something like that all the cables would show. I also like the book case here. I need to do the same with mine, which means I would have to remove about 80% of the books and buy a new book case for those. Or maybe three to keep this style.
Since all the pieces look like they had their share of usage I guess I am off to a look around my streets or to the next vintage shop. Which one is your favorite?
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