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First day of Moroccan month

September 2, 2009

I have decided to make September Moroccan Month as everything in my design seems to be Moroccan right now.

Let me first off recommend this beautiful site by a woman who lives with her family in Marrakech: My Marakesh

She has posted some gorgeous photographs and also sells among many things beautiful Berber Wedding Blankets.


And a few others with some nice coverage of Moroccan design statements:

Here is how to decorate Moroccan style – just gorgeous – and this one on a lovely chair.


I am still working on building my sofa, which has, expectantly, turned out to be more work than initially presumed.
I am very much in the process of gathering material and my thinking here is to either make a smaller box out of the full bed frame I have and then add a twin mattress, about 32 pillows, a backing and bolsters – or get a used kind of square love-seat and tear off the fabric and then add all of the above.
I have two old chairs with sort of spiral legs and those legs would make very nice sofa legs if I saw them off. As soon as this looks more like a – well – sofa I’ll post some pictures.

Meanwhile enjoy these pretty pics from “Morocco” by Lisl and Landt Dennis

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