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Getting That Moroccan touch

September 11, 2009

I have been trying to find some places here in New York City where you could actually buy affordable Moroccan goods and it turns out to be quite a project. In many cases you may actually be better off to just buy a ticket to Morocco and head off and buy your goods and come back and you’d still have money left over.

Nevertheless, many of the stores offer very beautiful items and even if you cannot afford anything more than looking you can still go and get inspired.

These are among my favorite stores in the city:

Imports from Marrakesh

This store is located inside of the Chelsea Market on 9th avenue. There is not a thing in there I would not love to have from Mosaic tables to handmade Berber wedding blankets “hindras”.

Gates of Morocco 

Located in Soho on Prince Street they have henna lamps, beautiful mirrors and quite a selection of poofs

Moroccan Decor Furniture 

These people are on the Lower East Side on Orchard Street and just passing by their window displays makes it impossible not to go inside. This may be the largest one of the stores.


They recently moved and are now on 22nd street on the West Side. They sell mainly extremely beautiful tiles.

Yet, to get that Moroccan touch – as with any ethnic decor – you may not want to go the 9 yards and deck your entire place out in poufs and tiles but rather hint at it with some great pieces and accents. This is where the fun part comes in as you can get really creative and make it your own.
So here is this pretty chair and frame I cannot spend half of my retirement savings on – so what to do?  I would glaze one wall in two tones to get that washed out effect. Perhaps even mix some plaster in the paint. The pattern of the frame is very typical Moroccan so stencil it somewhere – on fabric with permanent markers – or on the wall with – well – permanent markers.
Getting those bends in a chair might prove a challenge but you can still paint it with this pattern and add an exotic piece of fabric.


This one is easy. Two pieces of wood sawed to specifications at the Home Depot or by you and then gold leafed – or easier yet – just get the curtains and hang them from a rod from your ceiling.
Most of the Moroccan furniture is low level, square and full of pillows. The pattern around the sofa could be stenciled on the wall and you could just add a bunch of pillows in interesting fabric.
Poufs you can get inexpensively on or possibly make and then fill with newspapers.

Many articles on Moroccan interiors say to use “spicy colors” such as dark reds, mustard yellow, dark purple and browns. I disagree as I like lighter rooms and think you could get away with any colors you want just about. There are a lot of places in saw in Morocco that have that very deep almost purple blue and a lot of places are just chalk white. So go with what colors you like. Have fun – and send me your ideas and suggestions for your favorite ethnic themes.

Pictures from:
Elle Decor
Nuevo Estilo
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  1. September 22, 2009 8:00 pm

    I can see why you'd want to find that stuff – it's FAB !

  2. October 14, 2009 3:32 am

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