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Potato-stamp failure

September 27, 2009
Recently I was flipping through some of my old tear-outs from interior design magazines and came across this cute wall paper.
I decided I wanted to do the same and to achieve it use an old trick from kindergarten –  potato-stamps.
So I drew a symbol (the little one) similar to what they have on this picture on the wall, put it as a template on the potato and cut around it.
Here is my stamp
Here is my stamp ready to be – well – stamped

I then painted the top of the potato and decided where to stamp on the wall. With a sturdy hand I aimed for a good spot and pressed the potato up against the wall. I then slowly removed it to reveal – a great golden mess of paint on the wall.
Hm. So that did not work.
Figuring I needed to be yet sturdier on my hand I painted new paint on my hard-earned stamp and again pressed it up against the wall. Slowly, slowly I took it away – and it looked like I had just finger painted straight onto the wall.
So since this was not working out it was back to the sketching table, quite literally, to create a stencil the way I usually do it. And then I had to find left over white wall paint to cover up my golden mess.
Why did it not work? Because usually potato-stamping is done on fabric and you press down on something flexible – while the wall – well, you know – is not very flexible and unless you have cut the potato absolutely straight it won’t work.
So instead I made stencils, used two different tones of gold – an antique and a gold leaf and got this result. Not sure if I like it or not yet – what do you think? If not, there is always that left over white wall paint.

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