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A few more Moroccan touches

October 1, 2009
Looking at my gazillion tear-outs of Moroccan interiors I tried to get an understanding of what makes this style so appealing. Not that I am an expert but I think it may be the “lightness” to it and perhaps the fact that most furniture are very “Symmetrical” much like their patterns. In all its formality and intricate beauty this style has such softness to it – pillows, cushions, lanterns, small little delicate glasses and so.

So in trying to create this feeling I would go after those concepts. I have stolen so many ideas from Moroccan design from using way too many lanterns, gold-leafing everything in sight, copying their tile patterns and painting them on walls, using lots of plants and keeping a ridiculous amount of lemons in ceramic bowls. I don’t want to feel like I am living in a souk – or maybe I do… – but most importantly I want that light, exotic softness.

You can even construct some of those Moroccan tables by using the legs of an old wood chair – often they are cut with that roundness you see on Moroccan table legs – and attach it to a piece of wood you cut in the shape of an octagon. Many home improvement stores sell various wood decors from hooks to hang flowers from to shelf supporters, that you can use to embellish a home made table.

Incorporate ceramic pots – if you want them more weathered dilute white and brown yellow paint with lots of water and paint with a sponge to avoid lines from a paintbrush. That will give more of that worn patina.

Also, you could get pots at the Salvation army that you could prime white and then add bluish shades of paint on in a similar style as here.
Love this – is there somewhere in my apartment I could fit a fountain…
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