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What a minute… what about the Moroccan sofa?

October 1, 2009
…so what happened with the Moroccan couch I was so diligently building?
To make a real long story short. If you go on Craig’s list FREE section and answer to the various beds, sofas and mattresses they are giving away for free there is a good chance you not only end up having people sending you all sort of weird pictures – and not only of their furniture… – you may also end up with a nice little selection of viruses and other nasty creatures – even with the most expensive virus protection installed.
If you then calculate what it costs take your computer to have it cleaned, change all of your finally memorized passwords, drive to places to pick something offered for free on Craig’s List only to realize they stood you up, and wonder why someone you responded to who was giving away a free bed would ask you if you would want them in the bed as well, having your electric saw break down on you and so on, you may have some forgiveness on the part that I one tired afternoon took my money to IKEA and got myself a new empty sofa without viruses and weirdos.
Still set on my Moroccan look I draped it in an ikat sarong and dressed it with a few different ethnic pillows, and finally added a purple and gold strap to the bottom. It is a work in progress and I need to change the legs and get some cushier cushions – but hey, I am still pretty happy with it and the way it came out for now.

On the other hand I am little bummed I didn’t get to build my Moroccan sofa – but at least I got a lot of ideas now how to do it should I decide to give this one up on Craig’s List!

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