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Using things for what they are not

October 5, 2009
I always love people squeezing their creative juices and pulling something off in a new and creative way. Here are a few things I have done – out of necessity, or just for fun. Send me your ideas and photos of turning colanders into lampshades and cans into couch legs!
Instead of putting a bedside table next to the bed I used an African and a Moroccan drum – we won’t be drumming anyway and they take up a lot less space when they actually have a function to fill.


This is an Egyptian perfume bottle that works much better as a ring holder.
I was looking everywhere for a shelf that could fit in this narrow space in the bathroom and finally found an empty wine wood crate that was spray-painted white and drilled onto the wall.
Old wood-frames for basement windows that I salvaged right before they went into the garbage truck. Now everyone asks me where I got those vintage frames.
I found this old trunk in the street but it needed a top surface. I was not sure how I would solve that but then I found some sort of entertainment center on my street and took off the glass door, which soon became the glass top for this trunk. It actually fits perfectly in size.
This is a Chinese cooking pot. Our neighbor threw it away when she moved out and when the new neighbor moved in, who also happened to be Chinese, stopped by to visit and saw this pot in my window with a plant in it, she told me in no uncertain terms in perfect Mandarin how she felt about a Chinese soup pot having a small tree in it.
I don’t like these unsightly plastic containers everything comes in from detergent to soap liquid, so I put the soap liquid into a glass bottle instead. The top is a cork with a bead attached to it.
These are pickle jars from a Deli. They were free and give me extra storage besides keeping bugs away from the food.
So now – show me your fun stuff! What did you do to get creative about a challenge. One of my favorite blogs – and which I mention frequently here – is IKEA hacker. Surf over there as well and hack a few ideas!

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