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What is your favorite interior design book?

October 15, 2009
A friend of mine asked me what is my absolute favorite interior design book.

I have to admit that I have many more design books than probably one person would need but I would not want to be without any of them. Many cover important topics such as good color schemes and others how to make everything fit in a ridiculously small apartment – some of them are about Feng Shui and other ones are about smart storage.

So to pick one seemed quite a task – yet I could not resist pulling out all of my books like little toys and flip and turn and twist and compare and compare some more and getting side-tracked, getting a new idea, coming back a few days later and start all over again and….so on.

Nevertheless, I managed to narrow it down to five favorites and the reason they are favorites are because they show interiors combining items from all over the world, they have created a statement or a style that I can copy with a 100th of what they paid for it – and – perhaps most importantly – they are super creative and thereby very personal.

One of the advantages of doing everything on a budget is that it forces you to reevaluate what you have and think of other ways of using it and it makes you so much more creative.

So here it goes….coming up on fifth place is…drum swirl please……….

5.”Unique Homes” by Carol Soucek King
Unique Homes: Personalize Your Home Through Good Design

I like this book because it shows a fair amount of different styles and also a good chunk of creativity – if you just won a million dollars. I wish it would have more on how to mix different styles together and possibly on a slightly smaller budget. Still, this is a great book.

On fourth place we have – dadadadahhh

4. “Trade Secrets” by Better Homes and Gardens
Trade Secrets: Insider Advice on Getting Your Own Personal Style

I like this book because it is fun! It has fun interiors from different designers and color schemes that are easy to adapt. The only drawback is that there are not that much international stuff used in the designs. Still this book is full of inspiration.

And the bronze goes to…….

3. “Global Style” by Lesley Dilcock
Global Style: Exotic Elements in Contemporary Interiors

I like this book because it is filled of ideas on how to use global goods. There are not that many interiors but more close ups – very pretty – pictures. I originally did not like this book so much as it lacks that full perspective but it is unusual to find a book with so many fun international treasures and I kept going back to it.

The silver is taken by….

2. “Living Together” by Erica Lennard and Denis Colom with Julia Szabo
Living Together: How Couples Create Design Harmony at Home

I like this book because it has such variety of styles with couples from all over the world. I could care less about the couples and them living together – but the pictures and ideas are great – not to mention the cover featuring a bed in front of a purple wall with a Suzani bedspread. Smack full of fun and unusual ideas.

And the goldmedal is taken by my absolute, ultimate favorite. I should actually write this author and ask her to publish a new book. I have read this one so many times I know what is on each following page.
The winner is:

1. “Exotic Style” by Sara Bliss.
Exotic Style: Great Ideas for Bringing Global Style Home

I love this book because it really shows you how to mix different types of global styles. It covers all continents, is very unpredictable, creative and beautifully down altogether. It is simply a treasure and my absolute favorite.

On a side note – I buy all my books used on the Amazon, where I also sell a good amount of them if I don’t like what I bought. Most of the books above are selling for $5 or less in the used section at the Amazon.

I am not paid by the Amazon or any of these authors to feature these books. Pictures are from and top picture Elle Decor.

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