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Why you should love your home

May 18, 2010

A friend of mine was complaining that she cannot move but does not want to spend the money on her apartment as it is not hers. She asked me how I could justify modifying my place since I don’t own it.

A lot of people I know live in rental apartments and feel that even though it costs them the GDP of a small nation to pay their rent each year living in New York City – they would still pay more if they moved to another apartment. So they stay – for a long time.

The reasoning then is – since this is not my apartment why should I invest in it and let the landlord have it all for free once I leave. Fair enough. I used to think this way as well.

Then I realized that I am actually selling my self short. After all this is my home, this is where I live and this is where I come to relax, and charge my batteries and take care of myself. Why don’t I deserve something as nice as I can afford – even if that means I have to give some of it away once I move.

So after I realized that I went to rent sanders, repaint my bathroom and fix anything broken. I should not have a lower standard of living just because I don’t own the place.

The times I have wanted to move are numerous – especially as I used to live in Sweden – where you don’t spend 40% of your income on rent – and there I was used to moving at least once a year to get some change.

I have had to learn to reevaluate my apartment many times around and look for new potential in it – and now I quiet like it. So go for it – love where you live for as long as you live there. Make it your place – it does not have to cost you a fortune. Just upgrade with some paint and a make it your place.

P.S. You may want to check with your landlord how much you can change things – tearing down walls may be out of the question – but spray painting kitchen cabinets from 1972 will probably only raise the value of the real estate and the landlord won’t have any problems.

Here are just a few shots of how I have changed a few things in my home.

I painted the walls – who knows how many times – white, yellow, Venetian style, cream – you name it
Every time I want a new sofa I remember what it took me to get this one in the door and then cover it with a new fabric
I often find mirrors in the street and they help to make the place feel larger so I spread them around – just make sure that whatever they reflect is actually something you like reflected
I have sanded the floor three times – it has been honey colored, as here, mahogany and now white
Paintings are always being moved around – I keep extra paint and putty to fill up and paint over the holes

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