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Bookshelves – only for books?

May 20, 2010
I love books and I have a hard time not stopping by any book sale or street stand with books.
The wonderful issue then becomes storing them all and it appears I am always just one shelf away from running out of space. This is one of my current book shelves holding just a small share of my books. The rest is on another bookshelf in another room, hidden underneath the sofa, behind the sofa and all along the bed side. Still I cannot resist buying more if I find something I like.

If you read design magazines they have all kinds of nifty ideas on how to incorporate other things into a book shelf so it does not look so – well – “book shelfy”. But I think that a book shelf is for books and that is what will go on mine – not that there is space for anything else anyway.
I have also seen suggestions of putting the books in backwards as it would make a much less visual powerful statement as most pages are cream colored. Other peopple have removed the dust jackets and put the books in by colorcoordination. Super creative in my opinion – just not very practical.

At Martha’s Vineyard I came across this fun jigsaw puzzle of a book shelf
And this is another fun shelf from a store in Carol Gardens, Brooklyn. This one is entirely made out of metal, which probably makes it quite a project to move.

Any good book tips – or ideas on how to extend your shelf space – send them along and I post them all up here.

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