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Things that make me smile :)

May 23, 2010

You know how we all have bunch of things we just love without knowing exactly why – it is the shape, or the color, or the texture, or the memories it holds or simply because it makes us laugh.

I have to force myself not to buy cutsey things and I guess I am doing better. At least a little better. These chairs are the size of half my pinky and I just could not resist them…

I am sucker for things that line up and look the same. Thus my Indian orchestra. I have another band as well of Ganesha playing like every instrument in a brass band.


This is Santa Catalina who I got in a church in Peru. She always looked so lonely to me just standing by herself so when I was in Argentina I picked her up this monk and now they make a lovely couple.  

Again, things that line up and look similar. I adore these. If you know where they are from I would love to know… flea-market find.

My little girl I picked up in Africa. She is almost a meter tall and she always makes me so happy to just look at. Isn’t she the most beautiful?

What makes you smile? Send me pictures of things that make you smile!:)


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