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How to organize African bead necklaces

May 25, 2010

I recently came back from a few months in West Africa and while I was over there I got myself way many more necklaces than I need.

They are so inexpensive though and so pretty it is hard not to – for more info go here Ghanaian beads. Many of the beads are made in a town called Koforudia where it is an old art to make glass beads. They essentially will melt recycled glass and then make beads out of it. They also make beads out of clay, burn them and paint them.

After keeping all of these in a tangled mess I realized something had to be done and went about looking for space. I finally settled for the back of my closet door and got out a hammer and about 50 nails and banged away on the inside of my closet. After getting 20 nails or so into the door I thought it would probably be better if the nails were attached to something and then I nailed the remaining ones into these strips of wood.

I sorted everything out before hanging it

How do you like this? Color coordination galore. Though someone ought to explain to me why on earth I need like 19 different shades of blue necklaces…
I then hung it all on my over-nailed door.

The earrings are just attached to a strip of fabric that is also nailed to the door. Anyone more perfectionist could have put a nice silk ribbon but at this point I just wanted to get it up and I am afraid “prettier” fabric may not hold the weight after a while.

Now I can actually see what I have and color coordinate and look like all those beautiful Ghanaian women…

These beads weigh about 6 pounds and you’d probably end up with a very sore neck if you wore them for more than 5 minutes. But as I still could not resist getting them – they now get to prettify the outside of my closet.
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  1. October 2, 2009 6:48 pm

    loveee your place! wish i had such a lovely place in NYC, a constant dream of mine.thanks for sharing your ideas!greetings from Argentina

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