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The way I hang pictures

May 27, 2010

Since I am not really a designer as much as I am a wanna be designer, a lot of things in my home happens by chance, experimentation, on a trial and error basis or just pure luck.

So someone who visited once pointed out that he had noticed that apparently my style was to hang my pictures together and in some sort of shapes – like squares. Eh?? But a closer look around the place confirmed that this indeed seemed to be the case.

These were originally blue painted frames at an 80% discount at Potterybarn
I can safely say that 99% is eyeballed. I also like to hang things fairly low as I feel that works better.

For years I have had a frame obsession and this is just the beginning of it… almost no one frame looks like another but if the pictures are all black and white whith white matting it often works pulling off different style frames.  

This is a painting I bought from a boy in the favelas in Brazil. Since he was the artist I wanted a picture of him as well so I framed that next to his painting.
These are just simple IKEA frame that were covered in gold leaf.

One of my reasons for grouping pictures and frames is that I don’t have enough wall space for everything if it were spread out.

As always, I have no problem picking up frames at flea-market and yard sales and then spray-painting, staining or gold-leafing them. I also much prefer to frame either friends’ art-work or photographs, quotes I like and print or pictures I pick up when I travel. So everything has to take turns. I keep a sample container of the paint on my walls so a little spackle and paint will easily cover up any hole left behind when it is time for a change.

What do you have on your walls? What is your favorite painting?


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