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From terracotta pot to Greek pot

May 29, 2010

I realized I had way too many terracotta pots in “fire escape garden” and they all look kind of boring.

What I wanted was more of a Greek or even Tuscan looking pot. What to do?

I played around for a while with left over white floor stain on these pots but figured I needed to do something more.

Under my sink I found some left-over bathroom grout and figured this could probably be used for something. I added some water to it and then smeared an entire pot in this stuff.

I then pulled out my mini cookie-cutters and made patterns all along the edge and left it to dry.

A few hours later I was able to sand the surface with a sandpaper to get it smooth and to have the terracotta show through in random places.

I painted it haphazardly with brownish paints and smeared some green and black in crevices to get it to look more antique.
In with my guanaba plant and voila!

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