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Food – making it look tasty or pretty

June 1, 2010
Candy display 

I love to play with my food. With that I mean adding the final touch to it to make it look tasty – I could care less about the actual cooking. But it is amazing what a little color and contrast will do. (I did none of the cooking on these pictures – though quite a bit of eating of it).

In the past I worked with food displays and would do chocolate and other displays at big parties – which was very much a treat 🙂
Here they wanted a display that made it look like it was “overflowing”. I start from the middle and work my way out. As with anything else, I sort by color and texture and then simply build it.

Just about anything that is not black will look good against a black background – and anything from nature is usually a safe bet (just make sure it is not poisonous)

Here we used flowers as well as pine cones and pine needles.

Fruit – dried or fresh  – and nuts always work very well with cheese platters. 
At home I try to find ways to make food look nice too. Everything that does not fit in the fridge and can stay out usually goes in this flower pot with the tree.

I always keep the tomatoes outside and I try to take advantage of their intense redness to just make a corner of the kitchen look a little prettier.

And every time I break a piece of my basil by mistake it gets to look cute in a jelly jar in the window. Mario always find it amusing that even though I don’t cook – or extremely little – I always make sure we get some good usage out of the food until the moments it is eaten – hey why not? 

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