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From linoleum to stain wood floor

June 3, 2010

This is the pre-picture of our kitchen. I really disliked that beige linoleum carpet but Mario did not want to get involved having already helped to sand all of the other floors in the apartment (for some reason we never got to the kitchen floor). One weekend when Aycha and I were home alone I rented a small sander and ripped up that entire linoleum. If you ever feel you have some oppressed anger – this is the thing to do…

Rent a small sander at your hardware store. As you can see my floor is not too big (any bigger than 80 square feet and you may want to get the big sander). The small sander is really a sander to do corners with but it works fine for the rest of the floor too – even if they will probably tell you it won’t. It is also a lot easier to manage alone than the big one – and cheaper.

Get a few different kinds of sandpaper, a MASK to cover your nose and mouth – or a scarf to tie around and your sunglasses. I close all doors and open the kitchen window and plug cotton in my ears before going at it. Be prepared to be covered in dust from deep inside your ears to every strain of hair.

Underneath the hideous linoleum was a gorgeous wood floor covered with…eh – glue from the glued on linoleum. But with strong enough sandpaper, arms and patience I got all of that glue off.

IKEA sells a pretty white stain that I covered the wood in – lacquer on top – and I was rather pleased with the result if I may say so myself. Our ktichen went from 1970’s to rustic farm floor for less than $40 – excluding my labor…

What do you think? What home improvement projects do you have lingering?

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