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Why spray paint is so cool

June 5, 2010
It is amazing what people throw out in the streets in New York City. I have to admit that a good 80% of my furniture come from this one same location – the street. I have picked up endless pieces and gone through an equal amount of spray paint cans.

People sometimes ask me if it is really good and safe with spray paint. All I can say is that I am a big fan. As long as you do it outside and don’t hold the can too close to what you are painting – or your face – you will get some really nice results with spray paint.

There are different kinds depending on what you are working on. For instance, if you have a metal filing cabinet you may want to use the paint for metal as it holds better.

Kitchen cabinets are also great for spray painting as they come out looking like new with a very even surface.

This table was a mediocre light wood color but a can of white spray paint set an end to it. I really like its’ lines.

Then I could not find a place for it and it went on sale on Craig’s list instead.

(the couch was another find that I sewed a slipcover for and sold).

The trick with spray paint is to hold the can at a good angle and not too close because then it will run and bubble.

Make sure whatever you are spray painting is very clean and that there are no cats around. Alos, ensure that where ever you leave it to dry is well ventilated. If do you leave the piece outside you want to make sure no dust or sand will blow into the paint while it is still wet – though spray paint dries pretty fast.

The Home Depot as a great selection of spray paints in various colors, including metal colors and for a table this size you probably wold need to cans to cover it completely. Shake and spray!


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