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Aycha – how to get a cat to eat in style

June 7, 2010

I think that since Aycha is a constant source of entertainment and enjoyment she deserves her on spot on this blog. Here she is checking herself out in the mirror.

This photographs is one of my all time favorites – ever. I swear it has not been photoshopped. Aycha LOVES tinsel and getting all tangled up in it is her absolut highlight of christmas. But in this pictures she sure looks like she has been dipping a little too deep into the eggnogg as well.

So because Aycha is cute she thinks she can get away with a lot of stuff. Like spreading her food all over the kitchen floor and then chase it around so that you are bound to step on something every time you walk out there.
So put an end to this mess I invested $4 in this fleamarket find. Just a plain old wood box (I had tried with those tangerine crates you get around christmas before but it never really worked).

…and then there is nothing a little bit of spray paint can fix. So much better! 

(Aycha of course, could care less as long as there is tuna-something in her bowl). 

And then back to her usual spot.


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