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Creative storage – making it pretty

June 10, 2010
My husband Mario is whatever would be the opposite of an organizational freak – this is the category I fall into it. He claims that I organize things away and while he was used to being able to find everything when it was a mess he can no longer find a thing after I have gotten my hands on it.

Out of love and courtesy for my husband I will not post photos of his closet here to gain some easy sympathy.

So here is one way of getting more organized – or as Mario would say – to hide things. On a shelf in the kitchen I used to keep old suitcases I had found in the streets neatly stacked hiding Christmas decorations, picnic stuff and things we did not immediately need. 

They then migrated to another room…(still holding a lot of junk).
I then found two old beautiful drawers without the actual dresser and spray painted them and replaced the suitcases.

Vintage suitcases found in the street make great storage

They fit neatly on top of my kitchen shelf and no one would ever have known they were actually from a lost dresser. 

My latest acquisitions were these 5 hand-woven baskets I got in West Africa – though any medium to large size basket would work well. Out went the drawers and now the baskets’ task is to hide all the things we don’t need too often. Looks neat, no?

These baskets are made in a town called Bolgatonga, Ghana but you can get similar ones here: Bolgabaskets

I try something similar in the bathroom where brushes are stored in a Brazilian little basket, and cotton pads in this clay container from Ghana. 

This is my “wine cellar”. With so little space available one needs to get creative with what one’s got. Needless to say the inventory remains pretty low as there just is not space.

Got these baskets as IKEA – it is silly how much stuff I get there – are sitting on top of my kitchen cabinet doing a good job of holding dish towels, papers towels and matches.

I found this old trunk outside the UN building a few years ago – it holds all my fabrics, another small basket on top holds keys and the suitcase on the left holds an air-matress and pump.

Obviously, we need to store things but if there is a pretty way of being practical I always prefer to go with that. In my blog entry about glass bottles and jars are more suggestions about storing pretty.

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