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How to use pretty glass jars in a practical and cute way

June 12, 2010

I don’t like plastic or paper containers much so I buy pretty glass jars and bottles – often second hand, in 99 cents stores or at yard sales, and at the Goodwill – to transfer shampoo, conditioner, soap, dishwashing liquid, cat food, pasta, beans, oils to a prettier existence. Here are some ideas on what you can do with cute bottles.

Dishwashing liquid. The top is a huge glass bead glued to a cork. I think you could also take one of those corks that has a little spout used for olive oil but I happen to like my glass bead.

Hand-soap in the bathroom feels more classy like this…
…and these are also in my bathroom holding shampoo, conditioner and shower gel. The trick is remembering which one is which… but it is so worth it not having to look at the plastic multi colored packaging. The smallest bottle without the cork hold diluted shampoo to wash delicates. Since I always do that in the bathroom it just made sense to keep it there.

I store my hair treatments in an old canning jar – supervised by a crocodile of course.

Perfume or body sprays that sometimes come in plastic bottles get transfered into these, and I took the wrapper off all of my mini soaps that were laying around and put them in the glass jar in the back.

In the kitchen I store flour, pasta, rice, cat food, cookie cutters and more in these large glass containers. These used to hold pickles and peppers and come from restaurants that buy these items in large containers. Sometimes I see them on the streets but surely you could probably ask at any diner. I got those from working in the food industry. As you can see I still need to spray paint the lids with silver paint.

These are easy – any Goodwill will probably have a few canning jars. Excellent for any type of storage – not just food – but buttons, ribbons, beads… you name it. 

And of course, these – as they were meant to – hold different types of oil, which makes it a snap when we are cooking – though they would look nice too with dishing liquid.

If you have other fun ways to use glass jars – send me pictures or suggestions. 

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