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How to upholster a chair

June 16, 2010

The street is one of my number one resources for new furniture and a few days ago I scored two of these French looking cafe chairs. 

The plastic cover with the plastic piping just has to go…

It is looking better already…

Aycha gives her opinion…

I got this fabric in the garment district for five buicks! And now I get to play with one of my favorite tools – the staple gun! 

I start by stapling the fabric as if it were a square and pull it tight
and then the other four corners and then keep going until it is all stapled. 

I could be really neat and cut off the longer ends and attach another fabric on top of this for more of a professional look. But since it is the bottom of the chair I don’t care enough.

And there is the chair with its’ new fabric – cute, if I may so myself 🙂 – though probably a black spray painting job would not hurt.

This is super easy to do and believe it or not – a square cover is even easier. I added some variations of what you can do with different style fabric and chairs. All of these chairs – by the way – were also picked up in the street. (from left to right by fabric – Chinese silk, embroidered fabric with silver threads, sort of Middle Eastern looking fabric, thin fake fur)

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