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Painting a floor without sanding it – scary.

July 19, 2010

They have forecasted another heat-wave here in New York City so I figured what better day to paint the kitchen floor. Also,  Mario is working so great timing to get that floor taken care of.

About a week ago we sanded and painted the other rooms in the apartment but since we had to put all of our stuff somewhere while we painted the floors everything migrated into the kitchen with the result that we could not do the kitchen floor.

I actually stained the floor white in the kitchen about a year and a half ago but with all the other floors crisp white this one looks dirty. Stain lets the wood shine through while paint totally covers so this one has to be painted too.

The one issue is that I refuse to sand again. It is too messy and no matter how hard you try you end up with saw dust everywhere. Instead I found something called STIX Primer, which I was promised, lets me get away with not sanding. It is essentially a super primer that will stick to anything – including polyurethane.

This is what I started out with – a stained kitchen floor.

…and then the first coat of this Stix stuff. If you wonder why the refrigerator is still in the kitchen it’s because it was too heavy too move so I had to just push it back and forth to paint underneath it.

Second coat
And after two coats of actual floor paint on top of the primer the result looks like this. 
So far so good. I am still a little scared that the smallest scrape will make the paint come right off not entirely believing in the Stix yet but will see. Now my next project is this kitchen table. What to do about it? It needs to get painted but what color – or should I put stripes on it? Any ideas? Let me know! What do you think?
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