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How to paint kitchen cabinets in a rental apartment

July 23, 2010

I recently gave a friend a few pointers on how he could improve his newly moved into studio. One of the things I suggested was to paint the kitchen cabinets. A lot of us who rent all seem to have the same kitchen cabinets (I guess there is a kitchen outlet somewhere that every super and landlord know of and where they get massive discounts on buying up the cheapest possible kitchen cabinets). These are usually wood cabinets in a honey colored wood with no handles to open the doors with – no drawers – the most basic you can get.

Of course it is always best to ask the person from whom you are renting but I usually figure as long I make it better its should be okay – though you ever know.

Painting the cabinets can be done very easily and very fast. Just clean them up to make sure there is no left-over oil residue on them, which makes it harder for the paint to stick, line them up and pull out your primer spray paint (spray paint comes with all kinds of effect so now you can get a sand finish or gold finish or whatever strikes your fancy).

Depending on what look you want you can then either just do it again with whatever regular spray paint you chose or if you want a more “country-style” feel you can paint them with a paint brush. I did all of mine with a paintbrush (primer and paint)but that was mainly because I did not know primer came in spray paint and that way I did not have to unhook them from their hinges.

I then added a few knobs (there’s another blog entry on my knob collection) as well as I thought that looked a little nicer. These knobs I picked up at Zara Home (it seems like they are out of stock but they also offer  them here) but I know Anthropology also has real nice knobs.

Since I cannot leave anything alone I also stenciled an elephant on each cabinet with inspiration from IKEA napkins. (see above)

The finished cabinets look a lot better and the kitchen feel much more together. What do you think?

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