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What color do I paint, stain or pattern my kitchen table?

July 26, 2010

As the heat-wave finally seems to be giving us a little bit of a break I no longer have much of any excuse for doing just about nothing.

So today I put together a list of everything I should be doing. There is no date on it. Hopefully motivation will just find me and get me going. Tomorrow always seems like a good day.

A lot of what I need to accomplish involves playing with one of my favorite materials – plaster. I could do all of that in one day I figured as it is a bit of a mess.

Plaster list:

  • I need to make a doorstopper so I can keep the door open and get a draft in the apartment instead of running the air-conditioner a hundred miles/hour. 
  • Then I want to make a cool front for the faucet in the tub so the water will look like it is coming out of a mouth in one of those old marble lions you sometimes see in wall fountains. I think it is called a “boca de verdad” perhaps?
  • I have an idea to mold a hook out of a small deer-head. Don’t worry I’ll show you how in that one blog plaster blog. 
  • Finally I want to make a plaster piggy bank for Mario so he stops leaving his coins on any open surface.

For today though I should decide what color to paint my kitchen table.

Does anyone has any suggestions for this as I have been putting it off for ever?

I thought either cream or walnut – not that everything in the apartment isn’t already painted one or the other of those two colors… So any ideas?

Or maybe even a pattern could work? The floor is now white and the cafe chairs have sort of turquoise covers and other than that there is blue touches here and there and some orange. What do you think? Would love to hear your suggestions and ideas!

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