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Treasure hunting in the 99 cent store

July 29, 2010

I love a 99 cent store! To me it is a little bit like taking a look into my fridge seeing mustard, half a tomato, peanut-butter, Asian noodles and a banana and then trying to figure out what to make for dinner. You know what I mean? It really puts your creativity to its edge. What can I do with multi-colored plastic binders with Barbie on the front, or do I need a bag of mixed shells from all over the world, perhaps I could make something with glow in the dark socks?

So the other day I stopped by Jack’s 99 cent store in Manhattan – a gold-mine for folks with creative ideas. Digging around I came across these plastic magnets in various colors.

I am not so interested in the magnets, not so interested in the colors – but very much like the numbers.

I have about 18 paper folders sitting on a shelf. They are all supposed to be labeled with a number. The idea is that I find a nice font, measure out a good size, print them, cut them and glue them onto the folders. Well not anymore.

With my left-over floor-paint I painted the numbers white (three coats)

…and then laid them out with glue to dry a little and finally glued them to the back of each folder. (The remote is there to get the same distance from the edge when I glue the number)

And ta-da! Neat! I especially like that they are white as I was not sure how to print numbers that would not attract too much attention.

Now I just want to cover up those holes. What do you think?

Tell me about things you picked up in the 99 cent store and modified!


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