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How to copy a tot bag to a painting

August 2, 2010

I love typography, languages and any type of letters. So on my last trip to Copenhagen I could not resist picking up this tot bag that spells out “love” in Danish – kærlighed. That a and e sort of glued together is a Danish vowel. 

The more I admired my tot bag the more I decided I needed to have this on my wall. Anyone who has been reading the blog for more than a week will probably not be surprised at all at this thought.

I found the most similar font I could find on the computer, printed it and blew up the letters – and set Mario to work to cut them out – creating stencils.

This mess out of a painting had to go

I then had this old canvas I had painted but did not like much so one coat of white and one coat of pink later it was ready for my letters. I always keep paint in basic colors at home so I can mix the ones I don’t have – like pink.

A coat of white to prime it
I want to eat this – it looked like strawberry ice-cream

I laid out my letters, measure and taped them and. I then carefully painted their edges and then the center. Any little mistakes were quickly removed with nail-polish remover on a cotton swab.

And viola! My bag image now sits on the entrance to my enticing every by passer to  and get strawberry ice-cream!

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