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Interior design books – can you have too many?

August 8, 2010

And this is only the beginning

I love books – so much they are sort of a good problem in my home. I never miss a book sale and I must be one’s of’s favorite used books customer. My one and only rule is that I have to really, really want it to pay more than 5 bucks for it. But I rarely do. The side-effect to that is that I now own way many more interior design books than probably any one person would ever need. Most of them deal with either Moroccan, Indian or African style – or a combination of the three.

So now I decided that it is time for some purging here and some of these just has to go. I am going to go through every interior design book I ever bought and grade it on a scale from 1-10 to decide if it is a keeper or not.

Every time I have finished one I’ll post it here so that you don’t have to buy 100 interior design books to see which one you like.

P.S. I added a page for on the top bar if you want to check some of them out right away.

So here is goes with the first one.

I love Moroccan Style so picking up this book was an easy one. It is 192 pages with a good 95% photographs. The little text there is mainly talks about either what is on the picture or where it is taken. 

But most of the pictures are helpful to get an idea of the style and there are a lot of ideas one could easily copy from color combinations to furniture. 

What I don’t like is that as cute as a close up is of a bunch of apricots it really does not do much for my interior design elaborations.

But this book is a keeper and though mostly picture oriented I’ll give it a 7 on a scale from 1-10.
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