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How to hold a successful yard sale

August 10, 2010

Every year in the summer time I run around to garage sales, moving sales, yard sales and get all kinds of goodies. I usually also hold my own yard sale – one in the beginning of the summer and one towards the end.

This is a great way to get rid of some of the things I impulsively picked up and then realized I do not need as well some of the things I no longer need, use, find pretty or fit into.
Multi-neighbor yard sale= lots of fun!
Holding a yardsale is really a lot of fun and sometimes I get a few friends to join, which makes it even more fun.
For weeks before I gather my stuff in banana boxes that I get for free at the grocery market.

The day before I put a post under garage sales on Craig’s list – spelling out what I am selling, the hours, and of course, the location.

The day of the yard sale, which by the way is always a Saturday and usually goes from 10-4, I get up very early to plaster my neighborhood with signs I have mass-copied.

It is not so great to put these up much earlier than very late the night before or early morning as some – anti-yardsale people sometimes take them down. (I always take them down at the end of the yardsale anyway).
I then drag out a huge table and set everything up. 

My great neighbors

I never put price tags as I want people to engage in conversation and bargain with me. And it is more fun that way.
As my number one purpose is to get rid of the stuff my prices are super negotiable and I don’t want to scare anyone off with price tags. 

  •  I usually have my boom-box playing salsa and half-boppy stuff.
  • I have plastic bags and a pocket full of one dollar bills to make things easier.
  • Clothes are sorted by size and I often have a $1 box.
Someone suggested to me to buy water-bottles and sell for $1 each as additional income. Have yet to try that.
My friends are always amazed by the fact that you can “just hold a yardsale” and that you actually can make a little bit on cash by just selling things you do not want. Yet, the old saying someone junk is someone else’s treasure holds very true.

I am holding my next yard-sale on August 15th – you should join forces with me! Let me know if you live in New York City and want to take part.

For those of you who still do not feel enticed enough to hold a yard sale of your own. Here are some good sites for donations. – donate clothes  
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