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How I painted, stripped, sanded and stained three stackable tables

August 12, 2010

About a year ago I found three tables from the 1950’s in my yard. I thought they were really neat because they stack on top of each other. Of course, we did not really need any more tables but I could not resist them anyway. I then thought it would be kind of interesting to paint them I different shades of purple, which is also my favorite color. Said and done.
The problem was though it may have been a cool idea I never really knew where to fit three different tones of purple painted tables into our apartment. Besides they looked like they might have worked better in a kid’s room. Or maybe I am just a bore.
Painting in the living room
So finally I gave in a took them downstairs to our yard where they were exposed to my usual furniture treatment – strip, sand, stain. As always I finished up with lacquer – and as always when I get enthusiastic about something I forget to take pictures. So I don’t have any before pictures – not from before they went purple and not from before I stripped off the purple and stained them dark walnut.

But I am very pleased by how they finally came out looking. Seems like I can just never have too many walnut colored furniture in my home…

After a few coats of stain
What do you think – better purple or better walnut?


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