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Nasturtium – one heck of a flower

August 14, 2010

This summer I finally started growing one of the coolest flowers ever in my fire escape garden: the Nasturtium.

This is one genius flower I tell you. And why is that you may ask?
Because when this flower decides to bloom it leaves nothing to chance – it blooms and blooms and blooms and the flowers come in an intense red, a beautiful orange, a bright yellow and a very soft pinkish. You can grow them either so they hang over the edges of a pot or you can make them climb up a trellis.
On top of that they prefer really bad soil – no fertilizer, no extra this no extra that – simply that really bad soil you would discard from your old plants when you replant them (I realize I am the only person on the planet who still replants but you get the point).
They really just asks for a fair amount of sunshine, enough water to keep them moist – and probably does not hurt if you talk to them a little bit as well. But the coolest part of all? – You can eat it! Not just the flowers – but the stem, the leaves – everything. Were you seriously hungry you could literally chow down the entire plant! That is what I call a neat plant.
And add to this how pretty it looks in any salad. The flowers have a little peppery flavor that adds a nice touch. You could even add them to a nice bottle of vinegar and make your own Nasturtium vinegar. What more could you ask from a plant?
I bought mine at the New York City’s farmers market at Union Square for about $2/each. 
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