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How to cover up… three big holes

August 16, 2010

I went to Sweden for three months and the moment I came back to New York City and walked into the living room it occurred to me right away that the lamp hanging here just did not work! Barely had I emptied my suitcases and I was moving lamps around. I guess getting away and coming back changes a lot of perspectives.

So I love this Moroccan lamp I got in Fez, Morocco a few years back – (it is a little small so I am trying to persuade Mario we need to go back to Morocco so I can get some more and bigger ones. Not an entirely easy project). But after hanging it, it became very obvious that there were three gaping holes from where there light bulbs were supposed to go. Since we live in an old apartment the lamps used to sit all the way up in the ceiling. 

So what to do? (the pictures do not show the holes because I forgot to shoot them before I glued the moldings on but you get the idea).
I tried to work out some round wood sheets but just did not know where I could find that – and last year my electrical saw sort of died in service so sawing is not my thing.
But most things can be solved with a little plaster. And it is so easy to work with. I got this bucket of plaster for $4 in my hardware store and then simply molded three flowers. After they dried – which takes about 24 hours – I painted them white and glued them over the holes.
The mold for the plaster just filled with wet plaster
The plaster 24 hours later comes out as a pretty molding
It’s not perfect but hey – it works for now and it is a lot better than those three holes staring at me.
Three gaps covered with plaster moldings 

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