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What is the secret theme of your home?

August 18, 2010
Isn’t it funny how we fall for certain things with no particular explanation – and sometimes we don’t even know until much later. One day I was going from one room to another in my place and noticed the swirls on this Moroccan table. I probably would not have thought any if it wasn’t for the fact that as I walked a few more steps I saw more swirls on this vase. Funny I thought and moved on and…
Vase from Ghana with Ashanti symbol
This is a find from the street – I guess I must have been secretly attracted to that swirly back
A candle holder looking almost like a tiny cage
…then saw that this chair also has swirly stuff going on. I then took a closer around and indeed – “the swirl” seemed to be showing up everywhere. 
This is silly but I had never noticed that all of these candle holders also had swirls on them. Now I will keep a constant eye out for anything that has secretly landed in my home – bringing in the swirl. I bet there is a lot more I just have not noticed yet.
Now take a walk in your place and tell me what you see. Is there that same color, or that same texture. I’d love to know what secret themes you got going at your homes – squares, circles, animal prints, elephant foot prints, Moroccan designs – do tell!
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