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Ottoman goes to Africa

August 22, 2010

I found this ottoman outside of my house a while back. Not sure if I really needed this – and can I tell you at one time I had 14 chairs in our one bed-room apartment as I cannot resist picking up something cute in the street – I left it for a few days. But finally it had to just come upstairs with me.

That left me in the predicament of figuring out what fabrics it was going to be covered in and where it should go.
I had this cute fabric I bought in Africa earlier this year that I was not sure what to do with so I gave it the honor to add an African touch to the ottoman.

If you look closely you can see that it has eyes all over it.
Off with the old fabric and my trusty staple gun got the new one in place.
And for a fun little touch I added some bronze pendants to hang on the corners. These I bought a long time ago in a craft store.

I keep a little small storage of fun things that could possibly make cute touches and whimsy statements. These also worked pretty well as the feet of the ottoman are also bronze colored.

 And voila!

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